Should Apple fear the Surface ?

It’s been over two weeks now since Windows announced their new competitor in the tablet market. Surprisingly, I don’t think we’ll be hearing much more till the release date draws near. The hype over the Surface has slowly faded down but does the Surface actually have the potential to rival the highly sought iPad, come release day?

It’s true, the Surface is bringing something new to the table, features which Apple could have only dreamed of. However, I don’t feel that the iPad contingent is really going to get up and switch over to the alternative operating system. Apple’s “proud” supporters are more likely to stick with it till the end of time, continuing to purchase their high quality and advanced products. In my opinion, the Surface appeals to a different audience….

Read on to find out who!

My View On The Situation

Apple has been built up over a number of decades, powered by influential figures such as Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. They have moulded Apple into a worldwide phenomenon and have put them at the forefront of technology.I think it’s safe to say that Apple will never be truly be beaten.

Strong Foundations have Ensured A Bright Future For Apple!

The market that Windows should be targeting is ultimately the people which have been on the fence for the last few years. The people who look at the tablets and think, it’s just a small laptop? Or a big phone? The kind of people who still don’t see a place for a tablet in their lives, the kind of people who have considered tablets in the past, but, never actually seen its purpose. The Surface tries to integrate the laptop into the tablet, and creates new and innovative ideas which could shape the future.

Plain Sight Differences

It would be a contradiction to say the iPad and the Surface were one and the same. The Surface has brought things to the table which the iPad just hasn’t. These differences are important in swaying the consumer, and enticing them to buy a specific device.

  • Two Surfaces. One iPad. Windows have opted to release two different devices, both with different specs and operating systems, Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro. RT will be similar to the mobile OS with 8 Pro adopts the newest OS from the Windows Desktop. Bringing a Desktop OS into a tablet is unknown from tablets in the past. Will this pay off for Windows? Attracting more consumers or not?
  • Comparison Between The Two Models

  • Pricing. The Windows RT will be “competitive” with other tablets. Meaning, this is going to be around the $499 mark. Competing with the iPad, not undercutting. However, the 8 Pro is going to set you back a bit further. Being “on par with Ultra-Class PC’s” we are expecting a price range starting at around $899; nearly double the iPad. Will this actually sell well? Maybe.
  • The Kickstand. This excited me. Hiding away unknown, then popping out when needed. Looking smart and sophisticated the stand will never be of disturbance, and always be of use. An interesting feature of the stand is the sound it makes when opening. Sounding like “the way a luxury car door closes.” Microsoft has really gone to town on this device, creating a high-tech structure which is well built.
  • The Surface's Kickstand Is A Clever Idea!

  • Covers. We’ve all seen the “Smart Cover” by the Apple, an easy and versatile cover which acts as protection and a useful stand. However, Microsoft has taken this one step further with their Slimline cover which doubles as a keyboard. Definitely appealing to the consumers who find it annoying that they need to carry around extra accessories. Something we’re all wondering is whether the cover comes as an additional accessory or as standard with your initial purchase. The keyboard does seem ‘essential’ in maximizing potential, so, I’m more towards the view of the cover coming as standard.
  • Wrapping Up

    Though both the iPad and Surface have different features and specifications, they are both brilliant devices. The Surface will sell well when it’s released later this year, but, I feel it won’t take a significant amount of interest away from Apple’s flagship tablet.

    However, this is all speculation. Maybe, the Surface will surprise us and become the new leading device. Whatever happens the next few months will be very exciting. I can’t wait!

    As rumours arise, and the release date draws nearer, expect increased coverage by Appstorm as we try to keep you in the loop!

  • Connor Turnbull

    This seems very optimistic. The Surface won’t be particularly bad (i.e. KIN or Zune-class), but will join the ranks of devices like the Xoom that are conceptually good but are never going to gain a critical mass to be considered successful.

    • DanielRP

      I disagree.

      The problem with Zune and Kin etc. was that they were trying to win a battle in an area that was already won. Surface however (the Pro version at least) doesn’t suffer the same problem, since they are still a laptop, and can be used just like a normal laptop without any problems (again, still the Pro version, the RT one may face a battle since that is only competing against the iPad/android tabs with no access to normal desktop programs). So when Joe Bloggs is off to buy his next new laptop, he can get the Surface Pro, and use it just like a normal laptop, as well as have access to the added touch features, while still being able to run iTunes to sync his iPhone etc.

      In summary, there’s no drawbacks to the Surface Pro so no reason for it not to do well, as for the RT one…..

      • Samuel Scott

        Hey, Thanks For Reading!

        Both of you have relevant points. However, at the minute, I personally don’t know what will happen. The reaction of consumers can often be very strange and sudden.

        I do agree with Daniel though, the Surface Pro will be superb. But, it’s expensive which may put some people off.

      • Connor Turnbull

        Let’s face it, though, it doesn’t matter how good the product is. In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter how a product scores on it’s own accord.

        If we class this as a tablet, which, to be honest, it kinda is, it’s competing with the iPad in a market that’s already won and will continue to be dominated by Apple. If we take it as a laptop, however, it’ll really struggle to catch the attention of the average joe in most retail channels because it’ll be stuck with a plethora of Windows alternatives, so much so that the individual product will most probably never garner the sales needed to call it “successful”.

        • Samuel Scott

          Yeah, I totally agree Connor. Apple will never be beaten and thats the ultimate true – unless something weird occurs. But, the Surface does pose a threat to “maybe” take some of their market share. I think if we have this same discussion in a year Apple won’t have 60% of the Tablet market. And I’m not specifically talking about the Surface, other tablets like the Nexus 7 are surely going to get better and create a bigger buzz!

          Thanks for reading!

  • icrazy

    I don’t like Windows but Surface looks great, that’s how I always imagined a tablet. They have a really good product in their hands, that keyboard is awesome and I love it (really wish this to would be an Apple cover). I know that they wanted to slowly merge their iOS with OS X but Microsoft has already done it with this All-in-One. It was obvious from the beginning that the iPad will evolve over time and at the moment it’s only a temporary device. Too bad Apple choose the long road.
    Don’t know the exact prices but let’s assume that Pro 64GB version would cost $800 and it’s already better than the $700 iPad, if 128GB will be $900-1000 then you have a device that can replace your iPad and Macbook Air 11″. About that “toaster & fridge” combo device comparison I can only say that I don’t want to buy two separate devices (Mac & iPad) and jump between them because one is a fridge that’s great for cooling your drinks and the other is a fridge that’s great for storing your food.

    • Samuel Scott

      Its a great opinion. I thoroughly agree, even though the Pro will be much more expensive, it will probably be just as good as a Mac+ iPad combo. Which are ultimately more expensive. I really can’t wait for release date!

  • zhai

    I really want to see just how much the Surface Pro can do. If it really can do as much as my current laptop does (or i should say what i currently use it for) then i will more then likely upgrade my laptop to the Surface Pro. The main problem i have with my laptop is that it is too bulkly to take around with me all the time so i really don’t use it that much, part of the reason i got the iPad. I think i’ll always have an iPad now as well but having the Surface Pro as a viable laptop option would be interesting to consider

    • Samuel Scott

      Interesting indeed. The Surface Pro brings something considerably new to the market and I can’t wait!