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Everyone loves the luxury of being able to plunge into their own paradise and indulge in the beauty of music. With the help of your Windows Phone this experience can come alive quick and easily.

In this roundup, I’m going to be looking at the best apps available to make your listening smoother and more exciting.


There has always been controversy about the Windows Phone Marketplace and the number of apps on it affecting the perception on the future of the platform. A common comment from a lot of users was also the fact that most of the apps were just RSS readers of a single website’s feed.

Next Gen Reader is not just another RSS reader. It is an RSS reader exclusively for Windows Phone and it claims to be the fastest Google Reader client for the platform. Does it live up to it’s claim? Let’s find out.


Lately, we’ve seen some great apps and games in the Windows Phone Marketplace. We choose to bring the best of them every week with our ‘Windows Phone Elite’ series.

This week we’re going to take a look at a few arcade and puzzle games every Windows Phone user must try out at least once.


Keeping Up To Date With Sports on Windows Phone

Lots of us enjoy watching sports and loyalties to sport teams who just happen to be named after the city we live in can become an extreme fascination. If you’re not getting your fix from sitting in front of your TV, from a news paper or some other medium, yet you’re equipped with a Windows Phone, this roundup might help you to stay consistently updated. (more…)

If you’ve got a kid, you’ve probably noticed that they often usurp your smartphone in order to play Angry Birds (or at least, that’s what I hear). Personally, I hate people using my devices to play games because then I end up missing out on a significant chunk of the game. Fortunately, there’s a bunch of apps dedicated to children which might keep them from invading your favourite games.


We all love splurging on new items and the advent of the internet has made the process all the more easy. In this roundup, we’re going to be looking at the top Windows Phone apps to go shopping with, both through online services like Amazon and eBay to physical retail locations such as Best Buy and The Home Depot.


Great Windows Phone Apps for Wasting Time

Not only can our smartphones be fantastic tools for business and productivity, they’re great for just wasting time watching video, listening to music and playing games. Back in October, Ben Clark looked at the best of Windows Phone gaming and today we’re going to continue that theme on by looking at some great music and video apps to kill your time (and productivity).


Photography never really went hand-in-hand with mobile phones until a couple of years back when smartphones started featuring lenses worthy of shooting in lieu of a dedicated cameras. In 2012, we’ve got phones that are even powerful enough to compete with DSLRs for the average consumer and, on Windows Phone exclusively, we’ve been promised to the HTC Titan II, a phone with a 16-megapixel shooter on the back.

In this roundup, we’re going to take a look at a handful of photography-focused apps on Windows Phone. In the first section, we’ll take a look at those for capturing and editing and, in the second section, we’ll look at some bonus ones for sharing and viewing.


Our phones have become an integral part of our lives and now they manage most of it — whether that is by handling our email, facilitating our social networking or even scheduling when we need to take laundry out of the machine. One area users are increasingly utilising their devices for is fitness, evidenced by a slew of fitness-oriented apps and accessories for smartphones across numerous platforms.

Windows Phone has a nice selection of fitness-centric apps to turn your smartphone into your personal trainer and, in this roundup, we’ll take a look at a few.


Microsoft has, for quite a while, been a key player in the gaming industry; PC Gaming is a thriving platform, and the Xbox 360 almost dominates the console space. Consequently, speculation was rampant on the subject of a possible handheld Xbox console, or some other venture into mobile gaming.

Microsoft’s answer came in the Windows Phone 7 platform, in the form of a dedicated Xbox Live application, accompanied with a very strong selection of titles. Below you will find a list of my personal favourites, all of which I would recommend to any Windows Phone owner.


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