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So, first off, a little about me: I live in the UK, I’m from Guildford in Surrey, and currently live near Liverpool with my wife and one and a half year old son, both of whom are amazing. I work in Chester as a Web Developer, which is great fun, challenging and rewarding. For those of you who are interested my language of choice is C# and I do a lot of SQL and ASP.NET.

My commute is an hour and a half each way and I get most of my writing done on the train, so as to not miss out on time with the family. I have recently bought a Samsung Series 9 laptop which is an awesome bit of kit and allows me to work on the train without having to carry a heavy laptop around. Due to using a laptop a lot of the time, and being a developer at work, I love keyboard shortcuts over mouse use as I find it faster, especially when I’m on the laptop.


Last month, I reviewed Directory Opus, a fantastic file explorer that utilizes the two-pane view popularized by Norton Commander. It’s not the only file explorer that’s built around that feature. In this roundup, I look at four other file explorers that were also inspired by Norton Commander.


We all know that surfing the Web might be a dangerous thing for our machines. The Internet is swarming with infections that can provoke serious damage for the system, for the user itself or even for other computers utilized by that same user. We also know that there are ways to have a more secure web browsing, but often that implies buying expensive pieces of software.

Now let me present 3 absolutely free security solutions from Comodo, a trusted and world-renowned company willing to make Internet a safer place to interact and conduct business.


Windows Phone Elite: Apps For Students

At the moment I’m a student and on my Windows Phone I use a variety of different apps to keep me organised throughout the day. With lectures, meetings and social events its often hard to keep on top of everything. These apps, which all complete a specific task are vital for my everyday activities.

Read on to find out more!


I use Windows 8 on all of our home computers — except for the home server, which runs FreeNAS. But, if you are here looking for apps to do things like bring back the Start menu then you are in the wrong place. I do not miss that relic from Windows 95 and have no problem using the new interface.

What I wished to cover here is not just for Windows 8. These apps work across many versions of the operating system and I find them incredibly useful on a regular basis. The only requirement to qualify here is that the app be free, and all of these meet that criteria. Beyond that, I am only looking for software that is truly useful on a daily, or almost daily, basis.

I will spare you the boring things like alternative web browsers to replace Internet Explorer — just use Chrome or Firefox, it’s an easy choice. Not all of these apps are for everyone, as it depends largely on your tastes and needs, but most should satisfy every computer user in some way and many are useful on an almost daily basis.


In the Windows Phone Elite series I try to show readers apps which will be fantastic on their phone and be a big part of their day. For me, music is a massive part of everyday and listening to my favourite songs is a great way to get through mountains of work. In this article I’m going to look at some of the best applications for your Windows Phone which will allow you to listen to music quickly and to a high standard.

Read on to find out what we recommend!


Smartphones proliferate the market today for good reason. The largest of which may be the fact that carriers are steering customers in that direction, but also because most of us want that functionality. To that end, many of us change the wallpapers, add apps and generally make the device a personal statement. The biggest, and most popular, change is usually the ringtone.

Our ringtones are a personal expression of our tastes. Be it Windows Phone, Blackberry, iPhone or Android, all of the major mobile platforms can be customized in this way. And all of the services would love to sell you a ringtone at roughly twice the price of buying a full version of the song.

There is a better, and cheaper, way of doing this. Ringtone Maker is a free app for Windows that allows you to take any song and create a ringtone for any mobile operating system.


In this round-up, I review three utilities that give the user the ability to input accented and other non-ASCII characters on a PC. They are FreeCompose, AllChars, and Unichars.


In the Windows Phone Elite series we often look at apps which you would use all the time. These have included finance management apps and platform games, although, something we are yet to look at is the smaller apps. There is a wealth of these in the Windows Marketplace and even though they may be basic in concept; they can sometimes help us an awful lot.

Read on the find out what we think are the best utilities for your Windows Phone.


One of the major pain points of using a Windows PC is the constant attention it needs to secure and optimize it. However, things have improved to a great extent with the current crop of Windows releases. Besides, there a ton of quality apps available to help you make the experience a whole lot better.

In fact, with the right set of apps, you can actually optimize, tune and push the limits of your hardware. After the break we have compiled a list of apps that will come in handy to make the most out of your desktop. Check it out!


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