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The radio is a very important medium for me. It gives me the ability to quickly receive my daily dose of entertainment, music and news at the same time. And the best part about the radio is that you have such a wide choice on what you would like to listen to. However, most built in radio apps are poor and that’s why I use TuneIn Radio on every mobile device I own.

First discovering the app on my Nexus 7 I soon downloaded TuneIn on my Windows Phone too. Since that point I’ve been using the app everyday while on transport or waiting for lessons to begin. Read on to find out how great TuneIn Radio can be on your Windows device!


As a blogger, capturing appropriate screenshots while writing any review or how-to guide is essential. I still remember, at the start of my writing career, I used to use the Print Screen button to capture screenshots and then edit them in Paint. However, the process is really time consuming. Windows Snipping Tool is without any doubt a very useful software but it’s very basic and may not be the best option for a person like me. After that, I realized that having a proper screenshot utility is a must.

During my search, I came across a number of tools, both free and paid. After a lot of testing, I found a tool that does not only make this process less time consuming but also offers users with a wide range of features to play around with. It’s a tool known as WinSnap.


Emergency Kit: Be Prepared For The Unexpected

Recently I was looking through the finalists for the Next App Star awards to see if there were any apps that were worth using. And one which really stood out to me was Emergency Kit, mainly because of the innovative nature of it. In Emergency Kit users can create profiles highlighting all of their medical history, allergies and much more. This is an app which acts as a helper when disastrous times occur.

In my opinion, people should have a form of this on themselves at all times to make situations far easier to deal with. And by having this on your phone, the device you always have in your pocket, you can be assured that it will always be accessible. Read on to find out how to use Emergency Kit!


You’d think it would be easy to make a good to-do app for a platform. After all, paper and pencil have been doing the job for years on end already, haven’t they? Still, it’s proven to be surprisingly hard to find a simple, functional to-do list app for Windows 8. Like Goldilocks, they’re either too clunky to use, too chock-full of features, or too sparse.

My gold standard, as with most PIM apps, is the Tasks app for Palm OS. Though it’s over a decade old, the Palm OS got a lot of things right. The right balance of simple with being full-featured enough to use daily is a terribly hard balance to strike. Minimalist for Windows 8 gets a lot of the balancing right, though.


Photoplay: It’s Time To Forget Instagram

I often mention apps which aren’t available on the Windows Phone platform but really should be. And to be honest, there’s quite a lot of them. Big developers obviously aren’t targeting our network because they feel like it’s a waste of time. However, some developers decide that they want to create an alternative application and make it available on the Windows OS — that brings me to Photoplay.

Photoplay is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone making it accessible to everyone. The app mimics the service of Instagram, but then completely designs everything. Photoplay is definitely a true contender to Instagram and in my opinion a whole lot better.

Read to find out more!


As a freelance writer on the internet, all of my payment come through Paypal. The web version of the service is great for transferring money to your account quickly and keeping track of it at the same time. However, I’m often on the move and only accompanied by my mobile phone — this often makes it hard to check how much is in my account making PayPal mobile the far better option for me.

With PayPal mobile you can quickly and safely keep an eye on your money wherever you are. The app possesses most of the abilities of the webpage which means you’ll find it very easy not to use PayPal in any other form.


Online cloud storage is all the buzz right now. There are countless solutions that allow you to upload and sync your files to the cloud and Box is one of them. Box allows you to store your files online and access them anywhere, anytime. With the free personal account, you get 5GB, into which you can store all kinds of files and organize them into folders.

You can also share files and folders, and you also get real-time updates when someone views, edits or comments on your file. In addition to that, you can also invite members into a share workspace and collaborate on a file. Box launched a Windows 8 app and has recently updated it. Let’s see just how good it is!


I hold the opinion that everyone needs a simple diary on them at all times. A diary gives the owner the ability to almost document their own lives and in turn allow them to look back at the past. Not only does this serve as a great recollection, but it generally allows people to be more organised in everyday life. Alas, the day’s of written diaries have now ended for me and I now use digital equivalents.

These are much cheaper and if you forget your pen, it doesn’t matter. Joking aside, a digital diary is much easier to use and allows to do far more at a much quicker rate. However, there are so many diary apps out there that it’s hard to pick one perfectly suited for you. One which I discovered a few weeks ago was Diary Buddy. Since that point I’ve replaced my old diary application and started to use Diary Buddy exclusively.


These days we are all swamped in digital images. Our camera and smartphone grab these pictures and they are stored on our computers and, hopefully, backed up somewhere safe because these little vignettes can be irreplaceable. In fact, I recommend at least two backups — one local on a home server or external drive and one off-site in someplace like CrashPlan (my choice) or Carbonite.


Every article which I write needs to be accompanied by images. These images showcase the app that I’m trying to explain and allow readers to understand the article easier. Most of these images come in the form of screenshots which give an exact replication of what you would see when you use the app. However, recently I became annoyed by the tireless standard process of print screening then loading into an editor to perfect and resize the image. This method was long and annoying.

Then I found LightShot, an app which makes the screenshot experience far easier. By collecting the screenshot and editor together in the same package my life became a lot easier. Read on to find out how to use Lightshot.


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