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I have a few computers in my house and almost all of them run XP mainly for its simplicity and ease of use. The one gripe I have is that XP doesn’t sport the most appealing UI in the world. Its dull, block-like, basic shapes stick out like a sore thumb and aren’t aesthetically pleasing at all.

I decided I needed a change. After some research, I choose to fashion my desktop based on OS X’s user interface. Blasphemy, I know, but Apple’s interfaces have always managed to amaze me with simplicity. Just because I choose not to use the hardware doesn’t mean I can’t admire the other parts, right?


Compressed files formats such as .zip and .rar are possible the most commonly used formats online. In addition to their space-saving capabilities, these formats also offer handy features such as encryption and password protection.

There are countless file compression tools to choose from, and Windows even offers support of its own in the form of compressed folders. But if you are someone who works at multiple computers you may well find that the necessary programs are not always available. But if you pop a copy of PeaZip Portable on your USB drive, you’ll always be able to compress and decompress files whenever you need to.


If you keep your hard drive in any sort of order, it’s likely that when you download files, you have a number of folders that you use on a regular basis. Photos may end up getting moved to one folder while video get moved to another.

QuickMove is a free tool that can be used to automate this process. The program can be used to create rules that will be used to automatically move files to particular folder based on their file type.


How to Check For Software Updates Using AutoUP

Keeping Windows up to date is part and parcel of regular system maintenance, and it helps to ensure the on-going health of your computer and improves your security levels.

But updating is not just something that applies to Windows – any program you have installed on your computer is prone to vulnerabilities and updates are often released to fix problems and patch holes that have been discovered. Is AutoP the answer?


Retrieve Deleted Data With Wise Data Recovery

Anyone with a computer has experienced the panic that sets in when you realize that a file you need is not where you expect it to be. You may have accidentally deleted an important document, or a sudden crash may have wreaked havoc with your work.

Whatever the cause, upon discovering a missing file he only thing that’s likely to occupy your mind is just how you’re going to be able to get it back. As you can probably guess from the name, this is something that Wise Data Recovery can help you with.


Most PC users are unaware of how many such duplicate files are out there eating their hard disk space. One of the most tedious tasks in cleaning up your computer to reclaim hard drive space is to find and delete these duplicate files.

If you ever decide to clean up your system you don’t need to go, search and compare each and every file manually. Duplicate Cleaner is a perfect utility for this! We can sweep off these files in just 4 steps after the installation.


There are countless threats that face computer users these days, including viruses, malware and hackers. To help you to combat such issues, there are a wide range of antimalware and security tools available.

But Returnil System Safe enables you to take your security to the next level, and it works in quite an interesting way – it create a virtualized clone of your system to prevent any damage from being done.


Whatever the size of your hard drive, it is amazing how quickly space can get used up. Between installing app and building up a digital music and photographic collection, the number of free gigabytes you have can quickly dwindle.

The problem of running out of hard drive space is nowhere near as prevalent as it used to be thanks to ever-increasing drive capacities, but it can still be useful to find out just how all of your storage is being used. Can Folder Size help you out? Let’s find out!


Take Control of Running Programs With SmartClose

How many times have you have you tried to install a program, or perform some other task, only to be told that you need to close all of the programs you have running? In all likelihood, this is something that has happened to you more than once, and it can be deeply annoying.

SmartClose is a great tool to have on hand to when situations like this arise. Not only can it quickly shut down all of your running applications and processes, but also temporarily disable your screensaver to prevent it from interrupting whatever you are doing.


One of the basic principles of Windows is that it is easy to run numerous programs at the same time, as well as having various folders open simultaneously. You can use the buttons that appear in the taskbar to switch between them, but when you have a large number of windows and applications open, you’ll probably find that your taskbar gets very cluttered.

This is something that you can fix with MoveToTray. This is a tiny little utility that can be used to minimize items to the system tray rather than the taskbar to help keep things a little tidier.


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