While OS X is available, officially, on only five products, you can get Windows in all shapes and sizes. Walk into a store that sells computers and you’ll probably find aisles appended with more aisles of computers running Windows, in various designs and form factors, and, most certainly, with different price tags.

While this strategy helps to push a dominating market share for Windows, it’s not a great retail experience and does very little to promote stellar products amongst the mediocre ones. And, it’s probably why critically-aclaimed products like the Surface (side note: yes, I know the device hasn’t actually been reviewed, but it’s been well received, conceptually at least) will ultimately not see the same level of success as the iPad. Perhaps one day Windows 8 might overtake iOS as the dominate tablet platform, but the hardware itself will likely sell far less units than Apple’s. Let’s investigate… (more…)

In an event in LA, Microsoft showed off Surface, its presumptive flagship Windows 8 product that’s a full-blown tablet set to compete with models coming out of Windows OEMs. Coming in both Intel and ARM flavours, the Surface runs Windows 8 and is perhaps best used in conjunction with one of two accessories that offers the device a traditional keyboard and trackpad input.

Not only is Microsoft compete with its own licensees with the Surface, but they’re also going far into living out my personal dream for them, creating a stronger, more cohesive ecosystem that isn’t tainted by third parties.


The Mac in 2012: What It Means for Windows

Apple commanded much of the technology industry’s attention today, as its CEO, Tim Cook, took the stage (naturally, only after Siri welcomed the crowd by video) at Moscone West in San Francisco to talk to an audience of thousands. One of Apple’s main announcements was OS X Mountain Lion, the next version of their desktop operating system that was shown off to a select few earlier in the year.

Even if you’re a diehard Windows user, it’s difficult to argue against the fact that the user base of Mac users is growing. With Microsoft readying to release a pretty different version of Windows, let’s take a recap over the key features of Mountain Lion, and how it stacks up with what Microsoft has on the table.


Our industry is divided. Whatever you might think, people are aligned to one of the big technology players, whether that be Apple, Google, Microsoft or someone else, and we all come up with a whole host of reasons why our allegiance is better than someone else’s. One reason that’s commonly played for Apple is their user experience, based in a tied-up, seamless ecosystem that’s known to “just work”.

Ultimately, however, when dealing with Apple vs Google or Apple vs Microsoft, this argument is just not valid. Google and Microsoft both have fantastic user experiences built into their product, and some, quite frankly, fantastic user interface design. However, the difference between them and Apple is the customization options give to third parties who use the companies’ software on their own devices. It’s my opinion that these options ultimately taint the reputation of companies who do some superb work; let me explain.


Keeping Up To Date With Sports on Windows Phone

Lots of us enjoy watching sports and loyalties to sport teams who just happen to be named after the city we live in can become an extreme fascination. If you’re not getting your fix from sitting in front of your TV, from a news paper or some other medium, yet you’re equipped with a Windows Phone, this roundup might help you to stay consistently updated. (more…)

If you’ve got a kid, you’ve probably noticed that they often usurp your smartphone in order to play Angry Birds (or at least, that’s what I hear). Personally, I hate people using my devices to play games because then I end up missing out on a significant chunk of the game. Fortunately, there’s a bunch of apps dedicated to children which might keep them from invading your favourite games.


We all love splurging on new items and the advent of the internet has made the process all the more easy. In this roundup, we’re going to be looking at the top Windows Phone apps to go shopping with, both through online services like Amazon and eBay to physical retail locations such as Best Buy and The Home Depot.


Great Windows Phone Apps for Wasting Time

Not only can our smartphones be fantastic tools for business and productivity, they’re great for just wasting time watching video, listening to music and playing games. Back in October, Ben Clark looked at the best of Windows Phone gaming and today we’re going to continue that theme on by looking at some great music and video apps to kill your time (and productivity).


Photography never really went hand-in-hand with mobile phones until a couple of years back when smartphones started featuring lenses worthy of shooting in lieu of a dedicated cameras. In 2012, we’ve got phones that are even powerful enough to compete with DSLRs for the average consumer and, on Windows Phone exclusively, we’ve been promised to the HTC Titan II, a phone with a 16-megapixel shooter on the back.

In this roundup, we’re going to take a look at a handful of photography-focused apps on Windows Phone. In the first section, we’ll take a look at those for capturing and editing and, in the second section, we’ll look at some bonus ones for sharing and viewing.


Many of us share a mutual fascination with the weather, and use forecasts to do everything from avoiding looking out the window to planning our activity over the next week. The main medium I read a forecast is through my smartphone, but, on Windows Phone 7, there’s a plethora of choices.

In this roundup, we’ll take a look at the available weather apps on Windows Phone.


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