Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8x: Which Phone Should I Get?

After the lunch of Windows Phone 8 the smartphones war has changed. Finally, has Microsoft created a worthy OS to compete with Android and IOS. Big changes has occurred to the operating system but the question lies on the devices it offers. Two of the best Windows Phone 8 devices in the current market are dominated by Nokia’s Lumia 920 and HTC’s 8x.

Since, the launch of these phones  the market competition or at-least people’s thoughts on the Windows Phone has massively changed. While, both the techies are tightly  features packed and beautifully designed. You might have heard of these phones, and chances are you have probably also heard that one is better than the other or vice verse. The truth however, is that you can’t really pick one or the other, because they are both excellent.

Now, lets take a look at these splendid phones.

The Design Factor

One of the most important factor in picking our phone has to be it’s design factors. The Nokia Lumia 920 and  HTC 8x are both brilliantly crafted and colorfully vibrant. These two phones however, are utterly different pieces of hardware. As for the design both the devices are very alike and still, one feels uniquely captivating from the other.

 Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920 is more than enough to surprise your eyes and make you feel overwhelming comfortable. Weighing at 185 grams and 10.7 mm thickness makes, the device feel quite big and heavy, for a modern smart phone. Lumia 920 features a 4.5 inch display screen which is great for watching movies, videos, surfing the web or any other activities.

The new flagship device brings the polycarbonate uni-body shell, a unique taste for us. Furthermore, it also features the Gorilla Glass 2, so you don’t have to worry about scratching your phone.  Nokia Lumia 920 is built with 1280 by 768 pixels, display resolution, which I think is more then enough.

Nokia Lumia 920 with red and yellow shell.

The Lumia 920 feels very comfortable if it is your first smartphone, but switching users from android or iPhone,  you’ll be quite disappointed.  The enormous battery makes the phone feel heavier than any other modern smart phone in today’s market.

Good news it, I have also heard people say that after a while the weight issue moves on and feels natural. The polycarbonate and the smooth surface also helps overall experience of the phone. All in all the Nokia Lumia 920 has most of the design aspects but does lag in terms of boldness and lightness.

HTC 8x

Design is where the HTC 8x really shines. Many of the features such as the polycarbonate uni-body shell also comes with this phone, which I’m in love with. The device itself, looks gorgeous and comfortable from every angle. One thing that I would say disappointed me is the volume rocker and other physical buttons.

The 8x is pretty light comparing to the 920 weighing at only 130 grams and 10.12 mm  thickness, that fits great.  HTC 8x has a 4.3 inch display screen, with Gorilla Glass 2 technology. Curvy rounded edges are what I loved the most, in terms of design. I think it is truly a “made for human” device. The amount of comfort and safeness (you’ll never feel as if your phone will drop, while holding at different angles) it provides is insane.

HTC 8x in different colors.

As you can see in the pictures above, the design of HTC’s 8x in all the colors they offer. I really like the fact that both Nokia and HTC offer different colored phones. Every design and detail of this device is carefully crafted. The camera on the back seems very sexy with the phone’s  design, the sound bar with beats audio is also on the back of the device. HTC 8x has all the necessities  a modern smart-phone needs, give it a try yourself.

 Features Overview

One of the most important thing to look at, when you are looking to buy a smart-phone is if it has all the necessary features you use or will absolutely need. Many of the phones are packed with same specs but you should know that other, small factor also matters. The Nokia 920 and the HTC 8x has a dual core Qualcomm® S4 1.5 GHz processes  enough to handle most of the tasks. 

Additionally  both of them also has the same amount of RAM which is 1GB  Another important aspect of a phone has to be its camera. I personally think that Nokia is in the lead in terms of camera quality. It takes amazing pictures and videos  better pictures than some of native cameras. HTC 8x isn’t far behind either, also takes amazing pictures and quality videos. A front facing camera with 2.1 megapixel is also packed with both the phone. Near the front camera you also have the notification light.

In terms of performance and speed, both of them are very fast and easy to use. Audio specs are very different here, the HTC 8x has the better audio quality and noise cancellation system. Beats makes the difference here, but I can’t resist that the 920 has good sound quality too. Wireless charging is one of the best feature about the Nokia Lumia 920, its amazingly crazy.

Wireless Charging Capability of Nokia Lumia 920.

Back To the Question.

At the end, the question lies to “Which One Should I get?”. As usual I’m going to say that this question is very hard but it will be different this time. I think that if you love a smaller, friendlier and portable device than I would go with the HTC 8x. If you need a big screen, don’t really care about small weight difference and take tons of pictures and you’re very social media active  than I would go say your best option would be the Nokia Lumia 920.

I can’t really pick one phone over the other because the developers have created products to certain kind of consumers. Also, please understand that to keep the comparison short and simple I’ve only covered some of important details, couldn’t cover everything. No pressure, the choice is all yours.


  • Travis

    The Lumia 920 is the far superior product. The environment, thanks to Nokia’s improvements and apps, make the Lumia a much better experience.

    The 8x is lightweight like an android galaxy phone. Big Deal. That is the only reason anyone should be duped into getting that phone. The weight of the Lumia is an asset because it feels durable. This is great for a business phone. Also great if you have kids, because they will find some way to drop it or knock it into the floor. I fall into neither of those categories (I’m a college student), but I have had the Galaxy S3 and the Iphone5. I would not trade my Lumia for either of those phones. The Windows Phone 8 OS is MUCH better. Hopefully the apps will catch up because then there will be no comparison.

  • Rob

    This question has been answered, but unless you are uncomfortable with the weight and bulk then you would choose the 920. It is the better handset and Nokia is doing a ton behind the scenes too. They release quality firmware updates to fix and further enhance stuff like the camera and they are getting tons of exclusive software.
    The real problem in the us is availability. Only at&t has the 920 and the 820variants won’t cut it if you’re looking for a flagship phone. I hear Verizon is getting the new 928 with an aluminum chassis, but that’s a rumor and is an aluminum frame going to excite you to get a 5month old phone? Maybe, but I’d rather have had the plastic one and be 5 months closer to the end of my contract. If you’re on T-mobile (I am unfortunately) then you’re outta luck. Even their 820 variant, the 810, looks pretty bad compared to the others. They are focused on getting the iPhone atm, but they’ve traditionally gotten the worst windows phones after their initial launch phone Htc hd7.

    If you do buy the 8x make sure you get the 16g version (yeah they offer an 8g in their flagship, so dumb). The retail people and random dudes on the internet will tell you all about the cloud and junk, but with tiered internet services and speed caps your best bet is to keep stuff local. You need more than 8g if you want a couple thousand songs, a few hundred photos, and a decent number of apps and games (what I would call the typical needs/wants of the average user)

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  • Fred

    The 920 is old news

    Go for the new Samsung Galaxy S4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James

    Both these phones are sh1t and have fk all apps

    If you can afford it get the new Samsung Galaxy S4

    IT OWNS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • CJ Dayrit

      I rather take “The One”

  • lol

    HTC feels light asides from that, the 920 all the way. Both are cool phones but to me the 920 wins.

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  • Philippe

    Has anyone tested the PHONE!!! I mean the phone-function. It sounds like Ohh, “by the way” you can also make a phone-call. What’s the quality and especially the antenna sensitivity. Overall, Nokia made in the past far better “Phones” than anyone else, but they missed the smart-phone-era. OK now they catched up, how about the phone aspect?

    I had Nokia’s and HTC’s in the past. My wife has iPhone, so we have some experience in the house. My feeling is that the 920 is the better phone today.

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