Intrigued about just who works behind the scenes on all those great AppStorm reviews and articles? Meet the friendly folk who provide the expertise that makes AppStorm the go-to for information about business apps.

James Thornton

James is Editor at AppStorm. With more than 15 years in tech journalism under his belt, James has covered everything from reviewing solitaire apps on the world’s first ever smartphone, to exploring enterprise business use cases for today’s intelligent wearable devices.

Nicholas Mead

Nicholas is a Mac-loving writer and editor who likes nothing more than dishing out his verdict on the latest and greatest apps for business. Another experienced pro (i.e., he’s old!), Nick has been on the software-reviewing circuit for more than 10 years.

Previous contributors

Let’s not forget the previous team of AppStorm writers, who have contributed countless words of wisdom over the years:

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